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Some of the types of services provided are:

Systems Planning, Integration and Support
  1. Assist with determinng project requirements and needs
  2. Bid specifications
    1. Assist with development specifications
    2. Assist in reviewing bids/offers
  3. Work with staff to review project requirements and compare with present IT structures
  4. Help identify additional or missing requirements for project success
  1. Assist in Project pre-planning
    • review different hardware/software options
    • assist in developing/reviewing bids
    • list of equipment
    • software
    • services
  2. Install and customize
    • hardware
    • operating system
    • additional application programs
  3. Customize systems into site
    • network designs
    • disaster plans
    • security
    • backup
    • anti-virus
    • patching
    • documentation
  4. Work with customer's application, and other support groups for system cut-over
  1. Requirement and planning
  2. On-going patches
  3. Upgrades
  4. Systems supported:
    • IBM's Z series (mainframes) with VM and/or VSE operating systems
    • IBM's P series (rs6k/UNIX) with AIX
    • SUN running Solaris
    • Intel based servers running:
      • Microsoft operating systems
      • Sun Solaris
      • LINUX {only commercial supported versions}
      • Novell
Disaster Recovery Planning
  1. Develop or review documentation and plans
  2. Verify procedures
  3. Verify complete and separate set of documentation and materials
  4. Help find/generate missing material/procedures
  5. Review process with staff
  6. Aid in third party testing
  7. Assist with in-house recovery process
Network Security, Auditing, Planning and Monitoring
  1. Design and/or Audit network security
  2. Plan and/or Audit network
    1. IP numbering (including IPv6, IPX)
    2. Routing
    3. Hardware
    4. Telecom vendor and ISP solutions
    5. Wireless, cable, fiber
  3. Review server and other network equipment
    1. Security issues
    2. Patches
    3. Code level
  4. Develop, implement, and review network monitoring tools and practices
  5. Verify documentation
  6. Verify functions and practices
  1. New employee familiarization with IT infrastructure
  2. Staff development training to enhance performance
  3. Upgrade staff skills for new infrastructure components
  4. Disaster recovery both on a single server and site level
  1. Provide Full scope troubleshoting from server to network to workstation
  2. Evaluate Enterprise IT Infrastructure
  3. Work with the different teams to resolve issues
    1. Security
    2. Application
    3. Network
    4. Workstations
    5. End Users

Every Customer has different needs and TOBE works with you and your staff to give you what you need.

T. P. O'Brien Enterprises, Inc.